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     Dr Peter Newman Brooks


Dr Brooks was University Lecturer in Divinity (Church History) at Cambridge from 1970 – 1998, formerly Fellow & Dean of Downing College, and later Fellow & Dean of Robinson College.

Anthony made a pencil portrait of Dr Brooks for Robinson College in 2000. Following the success of this portrait, he was commissioned to paint a formal portrait in oils of Dr Brooks in his role of Professor of Reformation studies at Cranmer Theological House, Shreveport, Louisiana, USA. This large painting shows Dr Brooks in his home near Cambridge. A significant detail is that on the table Dr Brooks is shown holding The Book of Common Prayer. One of the many historical portraits researched for the painting was Hogarth’s “Dr. Hoadly, Bishop of Winchester”, in the National Gallery, London.




The Rev. Peter Newman Brooks,
Professor of Reformation Studies,
Cranmer Theological House,
Shreveport, Louisiana, USA.
Oils on linen, 50"x40"
© Anthony R Tyley, 2001

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