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Making versions in oils of old master paintings is an invaluable part of the work of students of all ages.

Above, Mrs Pat Frow starting her version of Cezanne's "Still Life with plaster Cupid", 1895.

Final painting by Mrs Frow, oils on canvas, approximately same size as original: 28 x 23 inches.

In March 2016, Ella P, 13, achieved an Art Scholarship to St. Mary's School, Cambridge.

Ella, age 11, with work in progress on her version of Cezanne's "The Card Players".

Finished painting, oils on canvas, 18 x 24 inches approx.

The importance of  observing how light renders forms is stressed at all times:


For more images of Ella and other student's recent work on new web pages in progress please click here.


Colour is studied using oil paint on MDF panels. A simple, logical system of handling the paint on the palette removes all the guesswork from colour mixing. Tonal exercises lead on rapidly to still life work, bringing together the earlier drawing experiences with the medium of paint. 

Learning that colour has tone as well as it's own colour or hue is a vital lesson:


Tonal scales of colour, water mixable oils on panel, by Lily, age 11.

" I went to the parent's consultation this Monday and had a very friendly talk with the art teacher. She said that Lily was the one who stood out from the others, which again proved Lily's potential in art. Many thanks for all your guidance and encouragement." Mrs C. T.,  March 12th, 2011



Palette laid out by Emily, age 9, October 2011.

Self Portrait by Diana Probst. 

Mature student Diana studied with me for approximately 18 months.


Still life in oils by mature student V.C. 2009

GCSE 10 - hour still life by V.H., age 15.

Victoria Heald achieved full marks in "A" level art at St. Mary's School, Cambridge, then gained Distinction at

Camberwell School of Art, London on the Arts Foundation course. On Friday, 24th June 2011 Victoria achieved a

First Class Honours Degree in Fine Art


Chelsea College of Art & Design, London.

Please visit Victoria's website:

Christian Cowan - Sanluis,17, achieved A* in "A" Level Art at Kimbolton School, and gained a place on the Arts Foundation Course at Central St. Martins School of Art & Design, London. From there he went on to the London College of Fashion. Christian now works in the USA, showing in New York Fashion Week:

Drawing is at the heart of all painting. Perspective drawing by A.J., age 12, 2014.

"Thank you for your amazing lessons." Mrs K. F., A.J's mother, December, 2014.



Anthony Tyley has been teaching traditional observational drawing and painting skills since 1997, after studying at the City and Guilds of London Art School from 1991 to 1994. For his final year dissertation, "Basic Training", Anthony researched the teaching methods of Professor Henry Tonks at the Slade School of Art in London in the early 1900's. Anthony became convinced that drawing could still be taught using the methods not only of Tonks, but also of the Northern European tradition starting from Leonardo Da Vinci.

In the Netherlands at the time of Rembrandt, "Leerkinderen" - child apprentices - started in the master's studio at the age of 9, grinding colours and drawing from the plaster cast and copy books. At the end of the apprenticeship at 16, the young artists were capable of elaborate portrait paintings and figure compositions as seen in the engraving above. It was this engraving, from c. 1595, reproduced in "Rembrandt - The Painter at Work", that inspired Anthony to teach both adults and children in the traditional way.


"Your art teaching is such a gift to all these lucky children. One of the qualities that comes through the photos is that of serenity; of the quiet, deep pleasure that comes with attentive concentration on seeing. " Mrs Jane Petkovic, parent.




   Copy of ""Self - Portrait with Pipe", Gustave Courbet, by T.P, age 11, charcoal.

"You are a really gifted teacher/tutor/mentor; I should know - my mother is one and I recognise the signs in others! "  Mrs J.P, parent, October 2014.  




Where it all starts: fully tonal charcoal drawing of a rounded form in light.  By Elliott Hughes, 13.

I can't thank you enough for teaching Elliott, many people have admired his work some of which are on display in my kitchen. His confidence has soared.  Mrs V. Hughes, September, 2011.



Studio still life, charcoal, by Jamie, age 18. A2.


2013. Museum drawing is an important part of the traditional teachings:

Tuition session in the Museum of Classical Archaeology, Cambridge.

Anthony Tyley with P. B. age 10, September, 2013. Photo by student's father, Mr C. B.

Diana of Versailles, from the cast by Veronica Sutherland

"Your various comments  are most helpful and have stimulated much thought." Veronica Sutherland, 2018

November, 2019. New student I. Z. at work on an early study of basic forms

Other comments:


" It was amazing for me to see how the teaching and guiding process for art works, and the immediate effect it can have on a pupil’s technique! P. is very fortunate to have such a skilled and passionate tutor. "  Mr C. B. September, 2013.


"We have been so appreciative of all your own research which you so channel so selflessly into your teaching. Timothy is the beneficiary of such a rich, neglected heritage which has enriched his own mental world, as well, of course, as having significantly developed his artistic skills and technique." Mrs J. P., former teacher.


"Thanks for today.  It was very stimulating for us both.  I'm glad that Ian is keen to work with you again as you have already given him such a good foundation for his drawing ." Mrs J. S.

Ian went on to gain an Art Scholarship to Uppingham School.

Anthony has taught at Homerton College, Cambridge, Wysing Arts, Bourn, Comberton Village College, and Dry Drayton C/E Primary School, Cambridge. Private students include young and adult artists from Bedford, Cambridge, London, Royal Leamington Spa, Rushden, Northants, and Dorset.

For details of private tuition for adults and children, including a conversion course from watercolours to oils, please contact Anthony Tyley on:

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